Top Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Tiemann Law Firm
Expert Sacramento personal injury attorneys. Clients seek Tiemann Law Firm for respected Sacramento auto accident attorneys as well as medical malpractice lawyers or even product liability lawyers in the Sacramento metro area. Free consultations for potential litigation clients, have acted not only as personal injury lawyers in general, but as motorcycle accident attorneys, dog attack attorneys and any type of wrongful death.
Address : 2386 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone : (916) 999-9000

Curtis Legal Group
Curtis Legal Group believes that nursing home residents have the right to be treated with respect at all times. Our Modesto nursing home lawyers represent people who have been harmed by nursing home neglect or misconduct.
Address : 770 L St # 950, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone : (916) 379-5895

Law Offices of Nick Lowe
The office has been representing the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect for years. Our team of devoted lawyers represents those persons who have suffered monetary loss, serious injury, personal loss and future damages due to negligence, including, but not limited to, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, and more.
Address : 1788 Tribute Rd, Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone : (916) 565-2110

Ed Dudensing
Ed Dudensing is an elder abuse advocate, standing up to corporations that are responsible for the abuse and neglect of the elderly. By providing aggressive legal representation he has successfully secured millions of dollars in recoveries for victims of nursing home abuse and neglect and their families.
Address : 1414 K St # 470, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone : 916.448.6400

Law Office of Bowman & Associates, APC
If your loved one has been injured by neglect or abuse in a nursing home or care facility, The Northern California Law Office of Bowman & Associates, APC can help you. We have successfully handled many cases in which elderly victims have been seriously injured or died in a California nursing home.
Address : 3841 N Freeway Blvd #185, Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone : (916) 923-2800

Arnold Law Firm
Arnold Law Firm aggressively represents Californians injured by the negligent or careless actions of others. Practice areas: Nursing Home Injury, Vehicle Accidents, Product Safety Concerns, and more.
Address : 865 Howe Avenue, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA 95825
Phone : (916) 924-3100